System built homes. It’s very much a favored way of home building today, and certainly going forward.

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Timber Block system built homes has proved to be revolutionary in its technology, allowing home owners the assurance they have made the right choice, and will live in a home built for now and in the future.

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What is the overall Timber Block system built advantage?

Avoid construction delays. Because the walls of our homes are constructed in a quality controlled environment, weather is not a factor. Traditionally built homes will almost have weather delays – whether it be rain, snow, and worse – wind and hail.


Faster construction. In addition to protecting the wood of our homes in our factory, our wall raisings are done in less than a day. Our home owners literally watch their home take shape before their eyes. Plus, a Timber Block system built home can be dried in in just days. This results in our home owners moving in weeks – if not months – faster than most conventionally built homes.


Energy efficiency. Our engineered homes are built to a standard R-30 wall insulation, with R-36 now available. This guarantees energy efficiency, plus ensures all building codes related to wall insulation are met, if not exceeded.


A Timber Block system built home can be customized. For anyone who has built their own home, they will realize the importance of this. Even though we have dozens of home designs in 4 different series to suit everybody’s taste and style, almost 80-90 percent of our customers feel the need to modify their plan. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different lifestyle. We make sure our home owners have everything they need and want in their dream home. Timber Block system built homes can build full custom as well.


Timber Block has an over 30 year construction history. We not only make sure our customers have beautifully designed and constructed homes, but continue to put much effort into new designs, new projects, new locations and new opportunities in addition to going above and beyond the standard in the home building industry. We also recognize the need for home owners to understand the home building process, therefore, we hold seminars, webinars, open houses, home shows, and wall raisings continuously to provide as much information as possible to tomorrow’s home owner.


Timber Block is also a member of the National Association of Home Builders, Building Systems Council and US Green Building Council.

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