There’s nothing like hearing firsthand from our very own Timber Block homeowners…builders….developers….or others that have seen one of our homes, or have been part of the construction process!

So, we’ve put together a few testimonials we’ve received recently.

This future Timber Block homeowner visited one of our homes constructed in Fairplay, Colorado….

Brian says…

“Let me say that pictures don’t do justice to the beauty and craftsmanship of your product. I was in awe when I came up the hill and saw that green roof on top of the log walls. This home is the nicest I have seen in CO and for that matter, the nicest I have seen anywhere. Despite the temp being 80, which is very warm and unusual for Fairplay, the interior was cool. The wind was howling but I could sense the airtight envelope that the walls provided. It’s tough to properly articulate the sense of solidness one feels surrounded by the type of construction and material used by Timber Block. In a word, I was impressed.”

And from Michael, a Timber Block homeowner in Wisconsin…

“This is amazingly beautiful.” We had some friends visit over the weekend and those are the words that our friend–the VP of Sales and Marketing for the world’s preeminent luxury hotel group–uttered when he walked into our Timber Block home. Right after he said, “Wow!” Considering the source, it was a nice compliment”.


“Our builder told us that the R-30 level of insulation was key to energy efficiency, but also noted that Timber Block’s system effectively stops air infiltration dead in its tracks. He also noted that it would be extremely expensive to duplicates Timber Block’s overall energy efficiency in a conventionally constructed home. In a conventional log home, it would be practically impossible”.

“I found not a single hint of anyone who had experienced any maintenance issues with a Timber Block home. Zero…zilch…nada. Beyond that–and you may not be aware of this–Timber Block’s components have repeatedly been subjected to accelerated wear conditions in laboratory conditions, where the scientific results have validated their claims and the experiences of hundreds of homeowners. Notably, they also back up their homes with a lifetime warranty.”

“I ended up building a Timber Block home after spending an extended period of time examining all of the options in the marketplace. I’m among those who feel that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every potential buyer. But, Timber Block’s system is awfully impressive–energy efficient and structurally stout. So much so that my builder–a guy who owns a sizable company and has the ability to construct everything from SIPs to stacked logs to ICF to whatever–proclaimed it “rock solid.””

From a homeowner in Quebec, Canada…

“Our dream is to have a secondary home in the country is finally a reality! We appreciated the speed of construction, the technician’s help at the wall raising, and the quality of material provided. You answered every question we had quickly, which was greatly appreciated. The (floor) plans were made according to our needs, resulting in making our family gatherings more enjoyable. Thank you to your entire team.”

The list goes on and on! If you would like to speak directly with a Timber Block homeowner, we would love to set it up. Please let us know, but calling us at 866-929-5647, or email

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