The benefits and advantages of sytem building are endless!

Timber Block Ecological Homes uses a genuine stacked log construction method, which provides great strength and reduces the installation time at the build site.

The walls of a Timber Block home are pre-finished in a quality controlled environment (our factory) rather than on-site, where weather can greatly affect the wood.

The logs of a Timber Block home are sanded, insulated, pre-stained, and stacked in the factory. They are then thru-bolted every 24 inches and bonded together under thousands of pounds of pressure.

The walls are then stacked and shipped, generally on one truck to the build site. This allows for the highest quality of build, and minimized waste. (Just 40 percent of the wood is used to build the structure, ad the remaining 60 percent is used to manufacture other components. This results in less waste!)

There are added bonuses as well: Because a home, up to 3,000 square feet can be shipped on just one truck, means less shipping costs (and again less waste on-site)!

Also, some may think when a home is pre-built in a factory, there’s not much they can do to change a “stock” floor plan. This isn’t true. With Timber Block, we can customize any of our stock plans, or build a home from the homeowner’s dreams and ideas. In fact, between 80 and 90 percent of all Timber Block customers do customize their home in some way! And many have also had a design in their head, and between the homeowner and our architects, have made that design a reality.

Here’s an example:

We found a great website that discusses the advantages of system building. Check out NAHB’s site, and here you can find Building Systems Frequently Asked Questions…click here!

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