We have been asking the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions over the last few weeks, and we are now at NUMBER 1! The number one most asked question:

“Why should I build a Timber Block home over another manufacturer/log home company/home building company?”

So, to answer that question: there are many benefits to building a Timber Block home. Here are just some points that make Timber Block homes so popular.

1. Timber Block homes are beautiful. Period. When people are building their own home, there isn’t one person that doesn’t have beauty high up on their list! Everyone wants a nice, warm and cozy place to call home – and we provide that with every Timber Block home built.

2. Timber Block homes are of the highest quality. Because our walls our assembled in our factory, in a quality controlled environment, plus with our patented system built process, all of our homes are of the utmost quality. Every single log is taken care of. Each are cut and insulated, sanded and even pre-stained in our factory one by one. The logs are thru bolted under 5000 pounds of pressure every 24 inches. And because we don’t deliver the walls until the day of or day before the wall raising, your logs are never sitting around getting beaten up by weather.

3. Timber Block homes are energy efficient. All of our homes have R-30 wall insulation, and R-40-R-50 in the roof.

4. Timber Block utilizes green technology. Timber Block’s stacked log wall structure provides approximately 50% more insulation than standard homes and 400% more insulation than traditional log homes. With the elimination of “settling” found in traditional home insulation methods, the wall structure maintains the R levels during the life of the product. All of the energy efficiency is realized due to the proprietary formula used in the high density insulation inside every Timber Block log and wall.

5. Timber Block homes are environmentally friendly. 40% of the wood is utilized to manufacture the structure, the remaining 60% is utilized to manufacture other components, resulting in less waste.

6. Timber Block homes can be built anywhere. Thanks to our efficient flat stacking process, Timber Block homes can (and have!) be delivered anywhere in the world.

7. Timber Block homes will not settle or check. Our wood is dried to an 8 percent moisture content (furniture grade). This, along with our patented assembly design, eliminates the risk of settling and checking – something that is a big problem when building most traditional log homes.

8. All Timber Block floor plans can be customized. You can start with one of our floor plans, and modify it slightly – or a lot! We also can build from your very own ideas.

9. Timber Block homes are built faster. Our wall raisings happen, generally, in less than a day – and dried in within 7-10 days. This saves on construction time!

Why Timber Block?

Check out this video, and see just why many people choose Timber Block!

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