Timber Block Insulated Log Homes continues to answer the Top 10 most frequently asked questions.

What question received the Number 6 Spot?


People ask us this question all the time, simply because traditional log homes are typically high maintenance, and they are concerned a Timber Block Insulated Log Home will be too.

A traditionally-built log home will settle. There’s no way around it. And because of the settling which WILL occur, the log home builder will have to compensate when building the log home. And once settling happens, there will be cracks. These cracks have to be taken care of right away, because there is risk of air infiltration. When the logs of a log home start checking (cracking), this is a big concern. Depending on where the crack is (if it’s on the top part of the log, and it rains, the water will go inside the crack. If the crack faces down, the water will run down, but will still be damp inside the crack).

The answer to this problem is caulking. Caulking = maintenance.

You will also have to worry about chinking. When your logs are stacked, there will be a space between the logs. Chinking will close that space. This is something you HAVE to do. It’s not an option, and chinking can be very expensive! On top of that, if the log home owner wants the chink to stay white, they will have to cover the chinking when staining! Chinking = maintenance.

Now you can see why people ask us about the maintenance involved when it comes to building a Timber Block log home!

We love answering this question. And our customers love hearing the answer. Timber Block Insulated Log Homes will NOT settle or check. Timber Block’s wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content. This, combined with our patented process eliminates the risk of settling and checking. Can you imagine building your dream log home, and not ever worrying about settling, checking, caulking, chinking? Here is a Timber Block stacked wall….

Traditional log home owners will also have to worry about bugs, insects, mold, etc….why? Because the logs will never completely dry! (oh, and those bugs love damp, dark places!)

Timber Block Insulated Log Homes has an over 30 year construction history. Over 45 percent of the log homes built in our core market are Timber Block homes.

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