As you have read, we take pride in our homes: the quality, the efficiency, the fact we make it so much easier for homeowner’s to realize their dream of the perfect home. One of our most frequently asked questions this week has been “How is the electrical done?”

Actually, it is very simple!

All the electrical is done on-site and is fairly straightforward, as opposed to conventional log construction where it must be done in advance.

For the exterior wall outlets, a vertical hole is drilled in the underside of the wall sections just prior to setting them in-place. The circuits are then wired through the floor joists/trusses and fished up into the wall. Your builder will then simply drill, and jigsaw out a rectangle in the wood wall to accommodate the electrical box.

For switches or lights, a line can be run up between the wall sections.

All the interior walls are conventional 2×4 stick frame construction.

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