Join Timber Block: The Revolutionary R30 Ecological Home for a complimentary webinar, Tuesday, November 29 at 8pm Eastern to find out how you can save tons of money, and build a beautiful, quality home….just the way you want it.

The Timber Block Advantage:

R30 Insulation: ensures a highly energy efficient home, and meets and exceeds all mandated and proposed building codes.

Assembles in Hours: Timber Block homes go up in hours, not weeks or months.

No Settling: Our wood is dried to an 8% moisture content, eliminating the risk of settling or checking

Green: Timber Block homes utilize 60% less wood than standard logs, allowing the use of the remaining wood for other components.

Custom: Any Timber Block floor plan can be modified.

Build anywhere: Our efficient flat stacking method allows anyone, anywhere to build a Timber Block home!

Join Timber Block USA President Craig Johnson for this 45 minute webinar. A question and answer session will follow.

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