If you are here reading this blog, then it’s likely you know the answer! Not only that, but true log home lovers are those who have loved a log home for a long time, and have dreamed about it forever!

Log homes are a completely different style of living, as compared to your usual day-to-day home. There’s just something about a log home that is comforting, beautiful, warm, cozy, peaceful and somehow, friendly!

Also, a log home has been around for centuries! What’s almost bizarre is, log homes have never lost their charm! Today’s modern built log home is just as charming as the log homes built by our ancestors!

The thing is, the log homes that were built decades ago are different than the way they are today. The first log homes were far from energy efficient!

The wonderful news is, today’s log home is still all of those things – charming, cozy, friendly, welcoming – but designed to be completely energy efficient, well built and well designed!

Timber Block homes have R-30 wall insulation. This is standard for every single home we build – whether it’s 500 square feet or 10 thousand square feet! By today’s standards, this is extremely important. Building codes relating to wall insulation are very high, and are always going higher. R-30 wall insulation either meets or beats energy codes coast to coast.

The high R value also means our homes are highly energy efficient. This, together with a tight thermal envelope means you will be able to heat or cool your home, without paying for it. The price of energy is high these days, and is continuously going higher. When living with a Timber Block home, you will literally save thousands of dollars in energy costs.

The way Timber Block Insulated Log Homes are built is also another big difference from the old fashioned log homes. We use a patented system building process, which allows your logs to be perfectly stacked – in our factory, protecting your logs from the harsh weather elements. Because of this process, you are also able to see the walls of your home go up in literally a few hours, and be able to build it anywhere in the world.

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