The only thing our home owners enjoy more than finished photos of our homes, are photos of homes under construction. Today, we’re featuring several Timber Block construction photos in various stages of the building process. (Keep in mind, though, our homes are constructed fast, so in many cases, this means even though the photos are in different construction stages, it likely means they are only a day or two, or a few….days a part.)

What we want to point out in the following Timber Block construction photos gallery: Notice the difference in the homes. On top of Timber Block’s dozens of models and hundreds of floor plans, we are able to customize any floor plan or build from scratch. This results in every single one of our home owners living in the home they have always dreamed of.

Timber Block Construction Photo Gallery

timber block university

Tacoma Side

Timber Block Construction

Wall Raising-17

photo 3






Another interesting note: Doesn’t it seem like owners of Timber Block homes pick the absolute most gorgeous spots to build? We always look forward to seeing where our customers plan to build. We have built hundreds of homes all over the world, in all sorts of landscape. From the mountains, to lakes and beaches, to forest and trees, areas of pure solitude, Timber Block homes have been built in the most beautiful of locations! (good thing we can build anywhere!)


Here’s a good indication of how quickly the walls of a Timber Block home are assembled. The following is a time stamp of a wall raising of a smaller Timber Block cottage:

If you haven’t purchased land, and want or need help finding land, our pros at Timber Block can help. Call or email us, and we will set you up with one of our team members. You can contact us directly at 866-929-5647 or email
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