Timber Block cost. It’s likely the most asked question we get at our locations across the country. Obviously, we understand when you decide to move forward with a project of this magnitude, you have to know how to budget.

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When discussing the Timber Block cost, we suggest always talking with a Timber Block expert to understood how the Timber Block cost is determined.


On a day-to-day basis, we are asked questions such as. “How much is a Dakota kit.” We always refer these types of questions to one of our experts, because there are a few things to understand before getting just a “price”. After all, this is your dream home! You’re not ordering a pizza! If you talk to a home building company or manufacturer, and they quote you a price without asking any questions – be aware. There are many things that go into determining a price. You don’t want to be hit with “hidden” costs.

For example; if you take a look at our dozens of Dakota models; there is a difference between all of them. Can you build straight from the floor plan? Of course you can, but there are several other factors in your home that will differ from someone else’s.

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What questions do we need to know before giving you a fair quote?

We will need to know the size of the home. If building from a Timber Block stock plan, are you confident you won’t have any changes? We can help you save money by design, so a quick phone call with one of our experts will allow you to get a great handle on how much your build will cost.

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Your profile: This may vary. For example: a flat profile inside and out may end up with a different price than a rustic, or hand peeled profile.



Building costs: This is a major factor. Building costs vary from country, state and county. Your building costs could be somewhere around 100 dollars per square foot, whereas it could be well over 200 dollars per square foot elsewhere. It’s important we know where you live before your Timber Block cost can be determined.


Delivery: While we keep delivery costs very low compared to most traditionally built homes, thanks to our efficient flat stacking process (the walls of a Timber Block home up to 3000 square feet could likely fit on one truck!), because we have built homes all over the world, we do need to know where we are delivering before figuring out the Timber Block cost.


These are a few example of how you can determine the Timber Block cost. We strongly urge you to talk to one of our experts. In a few minutes of conversation, you’ll have a good idea on what to expect, and what the Timber Block cost will be. Contact us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.


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