When it comes to the construction of a brand new home – no matter what type, style or size, everyone wants to know how long the home will take to build. This makes sense, because the quicker the home is built, the more money the home owner saves, and those home owners will be able to move in and enjoy sooner.


Timber Block’s engineered homes are constructed much quicker than a conventional or traditional home. Especially log cabin homes.

Here is an overview of the construction timeline of Timber Block Engineered Homes.

1. Having all your questions answered. Timber Block Engineered Homes has a team of professionals who can answer any and all questions you may have. This will give you a good understanding of the process, and make you feel better throughout your dream home journey!


2. Find a builder. It’s very important you have a reputable builder with you throughout the building process. Timber Block can help you find a builder, if you need it. There is some work they need to do to prep your build site, and get it ready for the wall construction. They will also help dry in your new home, and complete the interior.


3. You may or may not have your perfect plan all picked out yet. Timber Block Engineered Homes has plenty of floor plans to choose from, or the design team can help create the plan suited for you. Your first payment is $3,000, which gets your plans started.


4. The wall construction, and prepping of the land. Your home will go into “production” in our factory. Timber Block’s proprietary building system process will ensure your walls are constructed to the utmost strength and quality. This part takes a few weeks. Meanwhile, your builder will be busy getting your build site ready for the delivery.


5. The wall raising. This is the really fun part! This is truly….a few hours. Timber Block’s wall assembly is done in under a day. Home owners are able to watch their home take shape in hours.


6. The dry in (sealed). This takes about 7-10 days.


7. The interior. The length of time will be up to you and your builder. Talk to one of our pros about the average time to complete, or ask your builder.


When all is said and done, Timber Block Engineered Homes are built significantly quicker than a conventional, stick built home, and extremely faster than a traditional log home.


Talk to any one of our pros about the possibility of building your dream. Call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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