This is a question that comes up often: “Can I build a Timber Block home myself?”

The short answer is, yes. The walls of all Timber Block homes are delivered pre-assembled. If you are a handyman, a renovator, or familiar with building, this could result in your best project to date! However, we do recommend consulting with a builder or general contractor or others in the industry first.

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Timber Block also assigns a Project Manager with each and every one of our home owners. This person will be your “sidekick” from the early stages of your project, right through until you are packing your bags and moving in.

During the wall assembly, a skilled Timber Block technician is on-site for the installation of the walls.

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Ray Venema is a Timber Block dealer from Pennsylvania. He’s been in the home building industry for almost 40 years, is the past president of the Pennsylvania Builders Association and a former builder of traditional log homes. Here’s what Ray has to say about home owners building their Timber Block home themselves.

“They can build a Timber Block home, assuming they have framing skills to start. A novice consumer may want to handle other trades and reply on a professional to install the home due to time factors and Timber Block’s speed of construction. Without the correct tools and understanding of the proper utilization of the crane, directing your helpers may cause problems. ”

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How do you find the right builder to help?

Ray says a little bit of research will go a long way. “The home owner should interview builders to determine their knowledge and understanding.  Usually, your local home builders association can refer its members of good standing to interview based on their skill set.”


Timber Block also has a list of certified builders across the country. Your project manager will be also be able to help you find a reputable and reliable who wants to make sure your home is just as perfect as you want it to be!


Have a question? We want to hear from you. Contact us anytime at or call us at 866-929-5647.

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