Timber Block Log Homes: How much does it cost to build one? This is certainly high up on the list of Frequent Asked Questions. However, the answer is not that simple….and really, do you want it to be? The process of buiding your new log home should not be similar to ordering a pizza. You don’t want to ask for a Number 3, with extra toppings, minus the onions! This is something very important to you, and one that you will never forget!

To get an idea of the price of buiding a Timber Block Insulated Log Home, this is what you will need to find out.

* The building cost in your area. This cost can vary drastically from coast to coast – for example, building costs in one area could start at $100 dollars per square foot, another area could be double that. Finding out the building costs in your area is key. (You can do this by calling your local builders association, or a reputable builder in your area)

* Your square footage. The price of your home is going to depend on just how big it is!

* How you finish the interior of your log home. Sometimes, the homeowner will finish the inside more modestly, and sometimes a homeowner will have more extravagent finishings! This will obviously affect the end price of your home.

Another question we often hear: Are traditional log homes more expensive than Timber Block log homes? The answer is: Typically, yes, for many reasons, including low shipping costs. A Timber Block home up to 2500 to 3000 square feet can generally be shipped on one truck (Less trucks required than with a traditional log home)

Labor costs are much lower as well with Timber Block. The walls of a Timber Block home are up in just hours, and the homes are typically dried-in in about 7-10 days.

To get more information, and a better idea, we encourage you to call us and talk to a Timber Block professional. Contact us anytime at 866-929-5647 or email info@timberblock.com.

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