Hope everyone is having a great summer! I want to share with you details about our upcoming free seminars. This time, we’re heading to Maryland and Pennsylvania. We found during our last series of seminars, people were very grateful because not only did they get their questions answered about Timber Block, but also they ended up getting clarity on the entire home building process. We want to make sure consumers begin their home building project with eyes wide open, and armed with as much information as possible! We will also talk to participants about the benefits of system building, energy efficiency and Timber Block’s patented product and process.

The way we build homes is truly revolutionary. As it is with really anything and everything, technology changes. Take a look at TVs today… remember in the 50s when TVs were black and white? Now with HD thin screen TVs, we literally see the TV in a whole different light. The same goes for building homes. While it’s possible to build homes the same way as they were built years ago, (just like it’s possible to watch a black and white fuzzy TV – but who wants to do that these days?) technology changes, and you realize you don’t have to build that way anymore. Now you can get the beautiful home you’ve always wanted, but because of the technological advances of today, you can also reach a high level of energy efficiency, have a dependable, forever-lasting, quality home – a home that you watched be built in less than a day! Stop by our seminar and find out why Timber Block is on the leading edge of the home building revolution and as many would say “The future of home building”

The seminars are happening July 19, in Allentown, Pennsylvania – July 20 in Harrisburg, PA, and July 21 in Rockville, MD. Send me an email to reserve your spot, or call me at 866-929-5647. See you there!