At Timber Block, we have interested future home owners calling us, stopping  into one of our many show homes, or spending time with us home shows, wall raisings, or open houses, and this question is not only always asked a lot, but it’s asked by almost everyone. And so it should be!

We understand that no matter where you are in your home building process, whether you have just started, and are scraping the surface, or whether you’re full-in, and taking the last steps, the cost is at the top of your mind.

Here’s what you need to know about the Timber Block home cost:

First, it’s going to depend on all sorts of things, such as the size of home you are going to build, the floor plan, design, the profile, stain/paint, and more.

Also, it’s going to depend on where you build, from country, state, county, and land.

Your Timber Block home cost will also vary depending on how you plan on finishing your home! The interior of your home, and all the choices that you have will make a difference – granite countertops throughout? Stone fireplace? Upgraded floors/windows? How about the cabinets you install? Fixtures? Extras? All of this will affect the final cost of your home.


Also, what is the cost of building in your area? You’d be very surprised to find out just how different this can be from coast to coast. Building costs in one area could start at 100 dollar per square foot, while another could be closer to 200. The best way to find out the building cost in your area will be to ask a reputable builder. (We can help you with that, we have a list of builders we can set you up with. We can also actually help you find land!)

Another note: Typically, the Timber Block home cost will likely be less than the cost to build a traditional log home. Because we can ship a home up to 3000 square foot home on one truck, you save tons on shipping. Also, our homes can be completed weeks or even months sooner than a traditional log home – again, putting money right back into your pocket.

Ultimately, if you really want to get a good handle on what a Timber Block home will cost, a simple phone call to us will help. Call us at 866-929-5647 or email


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