Timber Block Home reviews: How is the electrical wiring completed?

This is one of the most asked questions are Timber Block staff receive. Timber Block’s system building process is quick, easy and high quality. You may be surprised to hear, the electrical wiring of a Timber Block home is just as simple!

All of the electrical work is done right on the building site. This is yet another advantage of Timber Block’s building process, because most traditional log construction has to be done in advance.

Electrical wall outlets:  A hole is drilled vertically in the underside of the wall sections just before they are set in place.


The circuits are then wired through the floor joists/trusses and fished up into the wall.

The General Contractor will then drill and jigsaw out a rectangle in the wood wall for the electrical box.

Switches and lights: A line can be run up between the wall sections.

Note: The interior walls are conventional 2×4 stick frame construction.

There you go! Nothing to it. The beauty of building a Timber Block home is we make it easy!

Another question we receive on a regular basis are if there are any current Timber Block home owners who have went through the process already they could talk to. The answer to that is, “Absolutely!” Get in touch with us, and we will hook you up with a current home owner.


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