Timber Block is the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home, and you will always hear us talk about how energy efficient our homes are. Every Timber Block home built has R-30 wall insulation, and we know it makes a big difference! Many of our homeowners have sent us their energy bills, to show us just how much lower they are!

It’s always good to hear from a Timber Block homeowner who sees it firsthand!

Michael Boomgarden, a Timber Block homeowner who built a Dakota model in Wisconsin, talks about just how energy efficient his home is…

“A while back, I posted about the energy efficiency of our Timber Block Dakota throughout a Wisconsin winter, and noted my hope that this trend would continue into the cooling season. So, over the past few days, I’ve conducted a little experiment.

Temperatures have, on several days, bumped up to 90 degrees F or a bit higher. During that time period, our air conditioning usage at our Chicago townhouse totaled 35.5 hours. By comparison, our energy usage at the cabin (the Dakota) . . . zero.

When I checked this morning, the interior temperature was at 74 degrees, where it’s stayed pretty consistently over the past week. This, in a house with a wall of windows that capture the morning sun.

The AC will run sometime . . . but this seems to me like a fair indication of the energy efficiency of Timber Block homes.”

Michael sent this to us….

This is the exterior of Michael’s Timber Block home:

And during the winter!

Here are some interior shots of this fantastic home:

To contact Michael Boomgarden, head to his website: www.timberblockwisconsin.com.

For more information, or if you have any questions, you can email us at info@timberblock.com, or call 866-929-5647.

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