Today, we’re talking about the difference between a Timber Block home, and a traditionally built, or conventional log or wood home.


When we created Timber Block homes, we realized beauty is always at the top of the list for future home owners. Everyone who goes through the process of building their own home wants it to be beautiful – you want to love actually “looking” at your home when you drive up to it, and of course when you walk through the front door.


Next, people want their home to be functional. Most people have a “wish list”. People want to their home to work for them. This is where our customization comes in handy. While we have dozens of floor plans to choose from – for many, the floor plans and designs give people a good start – an idea. We can take those floor plans and customize your home, so it works for you. We can also draw up plans straight from your own ideas.


Then, we’ve learned people care about delivery, ease of construction, the process and time it takes to build. Timber Block has solved these issues as well. The walls of our homes are assembled in hours, with a dry in schedule of 7-10 days. The interior is completed alongside your builder, and all of this together allows our home owners to move in weeks, if not months, sooner than a traditionally built or conventional wood home.


Energy efficiency also tops the list for home owners. Everyone wants to save money – so, thanks to a tight thermal envelope, and R-30 to R-36 wall insulation – our homes are highly energy efficient – for the life of your home.


When building a log or wood home, maintenance is always an issue. So, thanks to Timber Block’s patented process, our wood is dried to an 8 to 10 percent moisture content. This, along with our system building process, and our flat stacking process, our homes will never, ever check or settle – this saves thousands and thousands of dollars for our home owners.


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