Timber Block Insulated Log Homes has a brand new feature on Facebook! It’s a fun and interactive way to allow you to communicate with us, your friends, and other log home lovers just like you!

On Facebook, you’ll notice we post photos every day. Sometimes we post new floor plans, sometimes we ask questions, at times we will post scenery shots from Timber Block Insulated Log Home Owners. We love it, and we have had such great feedback from our Facebook followers who love it too! We’re sure you’ll love this brand new feature!


Here is an example of questions/polls asked on our new Timber Block Insulated Log Homes Facebook Feature!


You’ll see, we may ask a question, and then we may post photos, asking your opinion!

Now see the screen snapshot below. We showcased a photo of a spiral staircase, and within minutes had plenty of feedback from people saying they preferred a straight staircase. So, we added  a photo of a more contemporary staircase!


What really works for this feature, and what will really help you get more opinions, and see photos and thoughts from others just like you is sharing this Timber Block Insulated Log Homes feature! At the top of the event, right below it, you will see the share button. All you have to do is share it right to your page – which will show up on your Facebook page, and you can encourage your friends and followers to take part. How fun!

The above snapshots are from Sunday night, the day the new feature/discussion page was created. The likes and comments were within minutes! We look forward to having you take part in our Timber Block Insulated Log Homes brand new Facebook feature!

We started out with a discussion about the interior, but we will add/change the discussion often. AND, we want to hear from you! Is there a topic or discussion you would like us to start? Send an email to rgibbs@timberblock.com, or call 866-929-5647 and let us know, and we’ll be sure to feature your discussion topic!

Have fun!

One last note…the only way to actively take part in our new Insulated Log Homes Facebook feature, is to Like us on Facebook! (once you do that, you can press “join” to join) And remember to share with your friends!

To Like us on Facebook, Click Here! To go right to the discussion page, click here!

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