You can now find Timber Block Insulated log Homes on Instagram!

In case you are not that familiar with Instagram, basically, it’s a fun and enjoyable way to share photos with friends, family, and well, everyone! It’s very easy to use….you can take your own photos with your cell phone, and post immediately and directly to your Instagram profile! The difference between Instagram and other Social Media sites like Pinterest and Facebook is you can actually “filter” your pics (take your photo, and change it up to look futuristic, black and white, retro, etc) Note: Because we want you to see our homes for exactly what they are, we will never “filter” or “edit” our photos. Because of the popularity and ease of Instagram, we wanted to make sure you can find photos of Timber Block homes if you are an Instagram user!

Like other social networks, Instagram is based around having friends or followers, so we can follow others on Instagram, and you can follow us! That way, you will never miss a Timber Block Instagram post! You can also “like” our posts or comment on them!

Here is an example of what our Instagram account looks like!

And like all of our social networks we are on, we will update consistently! To follow Timber Block on Instagram, click here!

Timber Block is very active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, loghomeu, Google Plus, and youtube! We not only update these sites with photos, but also with daily news, updates, events, home shows, wall raisings, open houses, grand openings, webinars, seminars, contests, promotions and more! (click whichever social media site you prefer, and it will take you directly to that Timber Block account!)

Do you have a Timber Block photo you would like to share? Please do! You can post right on our Facebook site, or email If there is something you would like us to address, or talk about on this blog, please let us know! We love to hear from you!

To learn more about Timber Block, or speak to a Timber Block pro, please call us at 866-929-5647, or email