We couldn’t be more excited than we are to participate in this weekend’s Fall 2011 Cottage Life Show. Cottage Life has 2 main shows a year, spring and fall, and we just had a blast during the Spring show. The comments we received during the spring show were absolutely fantastic.
We certainly put smiles on the face of those looking to build a cottage, once they found out what we are all about. For example:

Did you know…

-All of our homes are standard R30? This saves you tons of money in energy costs!
-Each of our logs are injected with a high density polyurethane insulation, immediately sanded and stained, and then stacked and glued together under 6000 pounds of pressure, and thru-bolted every 24 inches, vertically (of course, in a controlled environment – bonus!)
-The walls of your home go up in hours? Your home will be weather tight in days! (Again, saving you time, money and hassle!)
-Because of our efficient flat-stacking method, we can build anywhere?
-All of our floor plans are completely customizable?
-Our homes are Green! There is less waste, we use approximately 30 less trees per home, and we use 60% less wood than standard logs, allowing the use of the remaining wood for other components.
-Our homes do NOT settle or check! Our wood is dried to an 8% moisture content (furniture grade)

There is SO much more to tell you! We want to help you realize your cottage dreams! Visit us in Booth 1954! The Cottage Life show is being held at the Toronto International Center – click here for directions.

Click here for show times