When you are building a brand new home, you want to make sure everything is well taken care of – right from the get-go. And when building a log home, the details are more important than ever. Why? Well, building a log home consists of extra steps, especially during the beginning phases of construction. For example, a log home is made out of….wood! This results in an entirely different construction process. Logs are wet, they have to be stacked properly, if possible, they should be protected by weather.

There is so much to be said by building a systems built home, and in particular, a Timber Block home – which utilizes a patented system building process. What does this mean? It means that those oh-so-important details ARE taken care of – and away from the weather.

All Timber Block homes are assembled in a quality controlled environment (our factory). They logs are insulated, sanded, stained, stacked, and thru-bolted in the Timber Block factory. This maintains a high quality standard, and allows the logs to be protected. Many times, with traditional log homes, the logs are dropped off at the build site, and they lay on the ground until the home is ready to be built. This could take weeks! During that times, the logs are subjected to all sorts of things, including bugs, mold, and weather.

When talking about the details, an important detail we take very much pride in, is the fact each and every one of our logs are hand stained. One by one, by Timber Block professionals! Not machines, or sprayers, but people! This is an important process, because you can be sure every inch of every one of your logs has been properly stained!

Each Timber Block log home is stained with WoodPlus products. WoodPlus uses the latest in coating technologies, ensuring the ultimate protection available. They also use the latest in UV screening technology to provide optimal Ultraviolet protection.

WoodPlus also keeps up with technology. With over 30 years in the coating industry, they are always looking to create innovative product.


Your logs are hand stained in the factory. We recommend your new Timber Block home be stained within 6 months after assembly on-site.

To speak to a Timber Block Pro, email us anytime at info@timberblock.com, or call us at 866-929-5647.

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