Timber Block’s log home assembly process takes mere hours. Our home owners are literally amazed when they see they home take shape in less than a day!


Timber Block’s patented log home assembly process starts in the quality controlled environment of our factory. Once all of the logs are taken care of, pre-stained by hands, stacked, bonded, etc, your home is ready for delivery!

Here’s the really fun part. During the time that your walls are in the factory, is when you are busy with your builder or general contractor getting your foundation ready. Whether you’re building your home on a slab, crawl space or basement, your builder will have the foundation of your home ready for wall delivery!

If your home is 3000 square feet or less, it’s likely your home will be able to be delivered on one truck. There are so many benefits to this – including saving on delivery costs!


Here comes your walls! Timber Block provides a technician to help and guide your builder during your log home assembly.

The following gives you a good idea on what you can expect during your Timber Block log home assembly. Here’s a basic timeline of a typical Timber Block wall raising!


Once your log home assembly is complete, your next step will be the dry-in process – something your builder will help with – and that, in many cases takes 7-10 days. Your interior is next, and voila – your dream home! Timber Block’s log home assembly process shortens the length of construction significantly – allowing you to enjoy your dream home faster!

exterior 1

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