Who doesn’t love pouring over tons of log home photos? We all do. And for those who plan on building their very own log home, it almost becomes an obsession! You can get enough log homes photos!

This is why you’ll notice us posting our log home photos wherever we can. You’ll see them right here on our blog, and of course all over our website. You can check out our photo gallery, and see log home photos of current Timber Block customers, as well as models – whether they be our model homes, or renderings of models in each of our 3 series.

Also, we have tons of log home photos posted in various stages of construction. We feel it’s important and helpful for people to see what it will be like when they build their own home!

In addition, we are on very many interactive social media sites.  You will find daily log home photos on our Facebook Page. Not only will you see fully completed log home photos, but wall raisings, floor plans, and more.

You can also see our daily log home photos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Houzz, Instagram and of course Pinterest! So, no matter which form of social media you like to use to keep you informed, we’ll be there! (Search Timber Block, and you’ll find us) or at the bottom of this blog, find direct links to each of our sites (you can find those by clicking right on the word (Facebook, for example).

Now that we’ve talked about where you can find our log home photos, today, we decided to choose one fully completed Timber Block home. Below you will find log home photos from actual Timber Block log home owners – who are happily enjoying their dream cabin!

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