As you’ve likely heard by now, especially if you’ve been busy researching log home companies and builders, how much quicker building a Timber Block Insulated Log Home can be.

Our homes are built weeks – even months, in some cases – faster than many stick-built homes, and especially traditional log homes. Why? It’s all because of our patented system built process.

First off, once a floor plan has been signed off (the homeowner and the architects will work together to create the perfect plan), the home will go into “production”. This means the logs of the home are cut, insulated, sanded, stained, thru-bolted and stacked in the quality controlled environment of our factory. The areas for the windows are cut out and protected, and the walls are then stacked onto a truck (usually just one truck, if the home is under 3000 square feet). The home is then ready for delivery, and will usually be delivered the morning of, or day before, the wall raising.

The wall raising portion of the build is quick – less than a day is most cases. The home then can be dried in within 7-10 days. The interior portion of the home is finished the same way any traditionally stick-built home is. The timings of the interior finish will depend on you and your builder.

Again, because of this process, our homes are built much faster than many homes.

Why is this beneficial? For many reasons, actually. Faster construction can mean THOUSANDS of dollars in savings! Less time for your builder, less time on equipment rentals, and more.

Not only that, but a faster build, means you get to enjoy the home you’ve planned so carefully for, and have dreamed of for a long time – much quicker!

The best part is – and many of those who have been a part of a Timber Block build can tell you – even though Timber Block Insulated Log Homes are constructed faster, the high quality of our homes is not affected in any way. Timber Block homes are truly beautiful, the highest of quality, energy efficient, green, and are certainly built faster.

To learn more about Timber Block, give us a call at 866-929-5647, or email

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