Timber Block R-30 Ecological Homes will unveil its newest model – the Sonoma – in its Contemporary Series at 2 upcoming home shows in Montreal, Quebec this February. The model home will be built and completely finished – interior and exterior – inside the Olympic Stadium.

The over 2200 square foot home will be one of the main attractions at both the City and Suburb Home Show February 2-5, and again at the Cottage and Country Homes Show February 16-19, also at the Olympic Stadium.

The Sonoma is one level, with almost 15 foot high ceilings in the living areas. It includes 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, open living space and outdoor living space. The model will be completely built, with a finished and furnished interior and fully landscaped inside the Stadium.

This latest model was designed by Timber Block President Michel Mathon. He says it was designed with the Contemporary homeowner in mind. “After designing homes for over 25 years, the Sonoma is the result of knowing exactly what the contemporary customer wants. It is one level, with high ceilings. The third bedroom is located near the front lobby so it can easily be turned into an office, and the bedrooms are all located on the same side, creating a more ‘quiet’ area.” It also features the latest in modern design, with 240 square feet of outdoor living space, accessible from 3 different rooms.

To see the Sonoma inside a home show will be a treat for show-goers. There will be direct access from both sides of the home. “The people attending these shows will be fortunate, as the main show path will take them directly through the front entrance, with full access in all rooms and out the rear door,” says Mathon.

Visitors will be able to walk through the Sonoma first at the City and Suburb Home Show, February 2-5 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec. It will remain at the Olympic Stadium for the next show, February 16-19 at the Cottage and Country Homes Show.

While the Sonoma is the newest addition to Timber Block’s collection, it includes everything that makes Timber Block one of the most trusted home Manufacturers.

Timber Block has more than 30 years of construction history. Its parent company was established in Quebec as a family business in 1977. Since its inception, Timber Block has been praised and awarded for its revolutionary technology, and has been decorated with the Diamond Award for Initial Quality and After Sales Service. A Timber Block Signature Home allows the customer to live in the most beautiful of homes, but with R-30 insulation, combined with a tight thermal envelope and capabilities to reach almost net zero, a Timber Block home is highly energy efficient, allowing the homeowner to enjoy substantial energy savings in their energy bills. Timber Block homeowners also are in their new home much sooner, allowing the homeowner to save money on less construction time, plus enjoy their home up to 60 days sooner than many other custom built homes.

Timber Block offers several stock plans, as well as semi and full custom, and is a proprietary and patented product.

Due to Timber Block’s rapid growth, in just a few years, Timber Block has expanded to Western Canada, Ontario, all throughout the United States, as well as Europe.

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