Timber Block reviews what’s included when you purchase a Timber Block Insulated Log Home.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included when you begin your Timber Block journey!

Your first step is your $3000 deposit. This gets your floor plan started with one of our many designers. Following this, your home goes into production. What’s included?

Complete Wall System

R-30 Insulated stacked wood panels, along with your choice of profile, including round, flat or hand-peeled. All walls are pre-stained in the factory.

Complete Floor System

The complete flooring system in included. Advantech OSB, engineered I joist truss, joist hanger and rim board.

 Roof System

Your choice of:

a) Shingles, anti bug vented ridge cap, self adhesive membrane in valleys and on the edges of the roof, OSB sheeting with H-shaped metallic clip, trusses, 12’’ fiberglass batt R-40 insulation, vapor barrier, furring, 1‘’X4’’ white pine ceiling T&G.


b) Metal roofing 29 gauge anti bug vented ridge cap, 2’’X3’’ perling, exterior air barrier, furring 1’’X4’’, white pine ceiling T&G. (Optional)

Doors and Windows

Exterior door and windows with low E, argon filled, 20 year warranty and all additional flashing.

-Basement windows and doors are optional


-Structural beams and columns with metal plates and associated hardware

-Trim for exterior doors and windows included. (interior & exterior)

-Pine fascia and soffit with ventilation strip.

And always, with each and every purchase of a Timber Block home, a technician will be on-site for the assembly of the walls.

*Note: Timber Block reserves the right to change items listed. Some items may or may not be included as standard or optional on all models. Please contact us anytime to speak to a Timber Block representative for more details.


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