The Timber Block Road Show – the Summer edition – will kick off in the Denver area, with three stops planned.

Timber Block Road Show

The road show will run July 29 through August 1, 2015 with stops in southern Denver, Westminster and Fairplay, Colorado.


Included in the Timber Block Road Show are evening seminars intended to allow home owners, builders, architects, real estate agents, developers, suppliers and industry professionals the opportunity to get a very in-depth look at Timber Block’s system building process as a whole.

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Timber Block will also host an open house of a completed Timber Block home. This is an opportunity to have an up close look at Timber Block’s state-of-the-art construction technology, which is both environmentally responsible and cost effective.


This is the first time Timber Block has taken its engineered product into the Denver area. Timber Block is peeking the interest of the building community considering the revolutionary technology that allows home owners to build a wood home without the hassles of a wood home. Timber Block utilizes a patented system building process, where the wood is cut, sanded, insulated, stained, thru-bolted every 24 inches and bonded under thousands of pounds of pressure. The wood is then flat stacked and delivered on-site immediately before the build, ensuring protection against the elements. Wall raisings happen in just a few hours, the homes are dried-in within days, and the home owners can move in weeks – if not months – faster than a traditionally built home.


Timber Block’s proprietary product includes R-30 to R-36 wall insulation, ensuring a highly energy efficient home which meets or exceeds building codes related to wall insulation across the country. In addition, due to Timber Block’s revolutionary building process, any floor plan can be customized, with the ability to build full custom as well.


In regards to maintenance, Timber Block homes will never settle or check due to its wood being dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content (furniture grade).


If you are interested in getting more information about the Timber block Road show, or wish to RSVP to any or all of the events, you can find out more about dates, times and locations by clicking here.


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We hope to see you this month at the Timber Block Road Show!