Congratulations on your plans on building your very own home! It’s a big undertaking, but something that is so rewarding – something you can be proud of, and something that will bring you absolute joy for the rest of your life!

Timber Block utilizes a patented building system. We have model homes all over the United States and Canada, with customers all over the world. Why are we telling you this? Because many places where Timber Block homes are built, the home owner has lived far from a model home, or our head office. But they still choose to build a Timber Block home because the endless benefits to our building system process.

So, in many cases, home owners rely on tons of photos and videos to get a good idea of what our homes look like. We offer hundreds of photos, posted daily on several ways of social media, from Facebook, to Pinterest and Instagram to Houzz. People love seeing photos, because it helps them have a clear visual of what our homes look like.

We also make a great effort to provide videos – these help those shopping for a log home company get closer to their final decision. We have several buildings of wall raising, walk-throughs, and even webinars – where we have Timber Block pros, builders and current home owners make presentations, and answer every question people may have.

Here are a few examples of some of our Timber Block videos.

And here is a video of a Timber Block webinar. We had our President of Timber Block USA, along with Wisconsin Timber Block home owner provide insight to the entire Timber Block building process. You’ll also hear the question and answer period at the end.

This video comes from Timber Block Ontario. It’s a view of a home built in Ontario, from exterior shots to entire views of the interior. Gorgeous!

And here is a video of a Timber Block wall raising. This was the construction of a 3000 square foot Denver Model, located in Hickory, NC. The 36 walls went up in 4.5 hours. (The video is a time lapse!)

To see more Timber Block videos, click here to go straight to our Timber Block Channel on YouTube!

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