Timber Block Wood Homes continues to prove why the success of the company has grown significantly over the last several years, and continues to see growth continuously.

Timber Block Wood Home owners live in some of the most beautiful homes out there. In addition to the gorgeous appeal of a Timber Block Wood Home, our families are enjoying the benefits of a system built home, with technology that is revolutionary in today’s home building industry.

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We don’t have to tell you how beautiful Timber Block Wood Homes are…you’ve seen us post several all over our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of our social media pages, on top of our website, and the media interest. Our home owners want to live in the home they’ve always dreamed of, and the end result…is always beautiful.

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But, let’s break down what you don’t see that makes Timber Block Wood Homes the preferred choice.

The ability to customize

Any Timber Block Wood home is able to be modified. We offer dozens of floor plans and models in 4 different series, to give future home owners a starting point on what they want in a home, and in a floor plan. However, we can take any plan and customize it the way you want. Timber Block Wood Homes has built several custom homes as well.



R-30 wall insulation

The benefits of R-30 wall insulation are endless. The highly insulated walls, together with a tight thermal envelope, ensures you will see lower energy bills throughout the life of your home. Plus, it makes sure to exceed any building code related to wall insulation – coast to coast. Just this year, Timber Block introduced an R-36 option as well.


No checking or settling

Almost all traditionally built “log” homes will settle and check. Thanks to Timber Block’s efficient and patented technology, our homes will never settle or check. Our wood is dried to furniture grade moisture content. This saves money on things like chinking (which is a process that is not only expensive, but takes plenty of time.)

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Timber Block Wood Homes can be built anywhere

Timber Block as an extremely efficient flat stacking process that allows our home to be shipped or transported anywhere in the world. Also, because of the flat stacking process we use, a home under 3000 square feet can be shipped on one truck – saving time and money on delivery.


The walls of Timber Block Wood Homes are constructed in our factory

Another important benefit. The walls of our homes are constructed in our quality controlled factory, ensuring your logs never hit the ground before delivery. Your wood is not susceptible to things like weather and bugs.


Wall raisings happen in hours

Because our wall raisings happen in less than a day, not only can you actually physically watch your home take shape in hours, you’ll be able to move in weeks, if not months, faster.


To find out more about Timber Block Wood Homes, contact us anytime! To find a location near you, click here.


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