Almost all home owners who have been through the process of building their own home have depended on testimonials. This is especially true for those building a log home. It’s a big event in your life, with many very important decisions to make – this is why log home testimonials are key, and may help you in your process. Talking to a current home owner who has been through what you are about to go through will give you insight into so many things, from builders, location, a log home company – the list goes on and on.

Here are a few Timber Block log home testimonials. And while these may be just a few lines, we do want you to know, we have a list of several current Timber Block home owners who will (and have!) have a phone conversation with you, or even meet you in person. We also have home owners who have welcomed future home owners into their own home for you to see for yourself – the ultimate log home testimonial!

From Michael Boomgarden: Michael built a Dakota model in Wisconsin, and loved it so much, is now a Timber Block dealer (Timber Block Wisconsin –

“Our Timber Block home, the log cabin we dreamed of for years, is the embodiment of everything we had dreamed about. It is, in our builder’s words, “rock solid.” It is warm and cozy. It is beautiful, evoking one word from every visitor. . . Wow.

But, most importantly, it is a home, a place that will serve as a gathering place for families and friends . . . for us, and for generations to come.”

Michael actually documents his experience online. Head to www.timberblockwisconsin to read all about his Timber Block journey.

Other log home testimonials from Timber Block home owners:

“Our cottage is so breathtaking, it literally draws people from all over Canada and the United States. It’s thrilling to hear them say they’ve never seen a cottage so gorgeous.”

Denver_Exterior_Houde_NC Model (20)

“The whole house was delivered on one truck. It was mid-January and snowing, but it took just a day and a half for the walls to go up. It was amazing.”

Denver_Exterior_Forest (21)

“I have just a small wood-burning furnace, and if I’m burning wood, it heats up the entire home in no time.”

StBernard_Exterior_StCome (6)

“We picked Timber Block as the company to build our dream home. We are retired and wanted our last home to be warm, and in the countryside. Mission accomplished!”


“Our builder told us that the R-30 level of insulation was key to energy efficiency, but also noted that Timber Block’s system effectively stops air infiltration dead in its tracks. He also noted that it would be extremely expensive to duplicates Timber Block’s overall energy efficiency in a conventionally constructed home. In a conventional log home, it would be practically impossible”.

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