Why is Green Building More Important Than Ever?
It’s something people are talking about more and more these days. Green building. Why? There are so any reasons why people are choosing  to Go Green.
Obviously, green building is responsible. It’s good for our environment. Everyone knows this! But green building can also pay off for you. Literally! Green building means an energy efficient home, utilizing less waste, and again, environmentally friendly.
So how does Timber block utilize green technology?

We do our absolute best to make sure our homes are built as efficiently as possible. As you likely know, our logs are insulated. This provides close to 400 percent more insulation than a traditionally built log home. Also, it ensures every home we build is able to achieve R-30 wall insulation. This not only ensures warmth and comfort, it also saves you tons of money!

How else does Timber Block utilize green building? Well, just 40 percent of each log is used to build the home. The remaining 60 percent is used for other components! What does that mean? It means less waste!


Let’s talk about the insulation we use. Our high pressure insulation process contains Zero ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances). Once again-good for the environment!

Green building turns into other good things. For example, because of less waste, and an efficient process, it means less waste on-site. Which turns out to saving money!

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