As you likely know, Timber Block Insulated Log Homes are highly energy efficient. This, thanks to the R-30 wall insulation (standard in every Timber Block home) combined with a near air tight thermal envelope results in a highly energy efficient home. We utilize Green Technology, and are proud to be an ecological, environmentally-friendly way to build.

There are things you can do once you are living in your home to go the extra step in energy efficiency….going green….and being environmentally friendly! This is not only wonderful for the environment, but wonderful for your wallet too!

-minimize the lengths of your hot shower

-only wash your laundry once you have a full load

-set your water heater as low as possible

-maintain proper upkeep on your heater or air conditioner filters!

-keep the windows that are positioned near your thermostat closed

-turn your lights off when not in the room!

-air dry your dishes!

-turn off your computer at night!

-pre-heat your oven only when ready to use it – rather than going for an hour or longer before you’re ready to bake!

We all know recycling is good for the environment, but it’s also saves energy – and landfill space!

-get yourself a recycling bin – have your child earn a dollar or two by being responsible for taking out the recycling! This can not only teach them responsibility, but it will also help them with recycling awareness!

-recycle your cell phone

Keep your recyclable items as low as possible!

-use cloth towels rather than paper towels

-photo copy your document on 2 sides rather than 1

-put a “no junk mail” sign on your mail box, or remove yourself from unwanted mailing lists

-instead of throwing out items you don’t use anymore, like your kids books, toys, appliances – donate them!

-things like car batteries and used motor oil can be dropped off somewhere where they allow recyclable automotive wastes!

-use a filtered water jug rather than plastic water bottles

-make your coffee at home, in a reusable coffee mug!

-pay your bills online!

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