Today, we’re talking about trends in architecture, and what we’ve noticed as we inch towards a new year.

Today’s trends in architecture are all about detail. This is good news for Timber Block home owners – because of the high quality, energy efficiency and beauty of Timber Block homes, our customers have always paid attention to detail. From the floor plan and design, and exterior profile, to the finish product and interior decorating.

One trend we’ve seen has to with ceilings. Extra high ceilings are very popular. So many homes we have constructed have cathedral style ceilings with lofts.

Christmas Tree

Another detail that we find is trending has to with staircases. These days, and heading into the new year, staircases have been found to not just be something you obviously need, but they have become a show piece. In some cases, the staircase is right in the center of the room. There are so many different staircase designs to suit your style of home.


Earlier this week, we talked about  the shower. A large, luxurious shower is all the rage now, and heading into 2015. We love this trend, and feel it will not just be a trend, but one that will stick around for years and years.


Also, large, grand entrances. This  has become another must-have. For some, a mud room is a must, especially in snowy climates. But, this is another functional room that can be turned into something beautiful. Some homes are including grand staircases from their entrance, big windows with grandiose curtains, and large chandeliers, with gorgeous, oversized furniture such as couches, chairs and tables.



The term “trends in architecture” doesn’t mean a trend that disappears, or becomes out-of-date. It doesn’t mean “fad”. Many of the trends in architecture heading into the new year include functional construction and design that will look beautiful for the life of your home.

sonoma-living room-2

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