Timber Block Insulated Log Homes continues to answer the Top 10 most frequently asked questions.

And today we are talking about Number 3. What is the difference between a Timber Block Insulated Log Home and SIPS? (Structurally Insulated Panel)

Both Timber Block Insulated homes and homes utilizing a SIPS panel system are highly energy efficient. Many builders who have, and still do, build with SIPS also speak highly of the Timber Block system. Here’s why:

-The exterior wood is sanded and stained in a controlled environment AND attached to the insulation WITHOUT nails. Benefit: no nail breaks in your home (should you choose to use siding in lieu of logs) and of course, no rust stains from those nails.

-Easier installation on the walls system.

-Improved wall strength in the building envelope.

-Similar, if not better, insulation values in the Timber Block wall system (all Timber Block homes have R-30 wall insulation)

-Huge savings in time (and therefore money) with the installation of the Timber Block home.


Timber Block:

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