Our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions continues!

Number 4? What is the difference between a Timber Block Insulated Log home and a traditional log home?

Log homes are beautiful. Traditionally built log homes, and Timber Block homes are all gorgeous – but there are differences – big differences!

First of all, Timber Block homes are system built. Because of our patented system built process, Timber Block homes are the highest of quality, built much faster, and have no risk of settling or checking. Here is a list of the most important differences when comparing Timber Block to traditionally built log homes:

1.) The walls of Timber Block homes are stacked in our factory. The benefits are endless because of this. Your logs are cut, insulated, sanded, stained, stacked and thru-bolted in our quality controlled environment. The window areas are cut out for perfect window installation on site. Your walls are then transported directly to the build site, meaning your logs will never sit outside, getting damaged due to weather! Sometimes, with traditionally built log homes, logs can be dropped off on the build site, and sit for awhile, until they can be stacked.

2.) Maintenance – Timber Block logs are dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content. This, together with our system built process eliminates the risk of settling or checking. No caulking or chinking is ever needed – this results in much less maintenance than traditionally built log homes.

3.) Energy Efficiency – Every single Timber Block homes has R-30 wall insulation. Figuring out the R-rating is quite simple: On average, the calculation will be around 1.25 inch of wood per “R”. (depending on the wood, it may vary slightly) For example, with pine, you will get 1.35 inch per “R”. So, if you take a 6 inch log, and multiply that by 1.35, your end result with be R-8. (square log)

With Timber Block, we are able to achieve R-30 because the inside of our log is insulated with a high density polyurethane.

4.) You can build a Timber Block anywhere! Due to our efficient flat stacking method, Timber Block insulated log homes can be shipped, and HAVE been shipped, all over the world. Also, typically, a home under 3,000 square feet can be shipped on one truck – greatly reducing shipping costs!

5.) Construction time – literally, the walls of a Timber Block home are up in hours. The end build time is SIGNIFICANTLY less than a traditionally built log home – weeks, even months.

To find out more about Timber Block, or if you have any questions – please call us 866-929-5647, or info@timberblock.com

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