We’re talking about some of the differences between a Timber Block Insulated Log Home and a traditional log home. Today, we hear from a Timber Block home owner in Wisconsin.
Michael Boomgarden, who is also a Timber Block dealer in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin built a Dakota model from Timber Block’s Classic Series. First off, Michael and Victoria Boomgarden had energy efficiency in their new home at the top of their list. Although they began their search for a traditional log home – they have both always dreamed about their perfect log home – when they found Timber Block, they also found they really could have both – a log home and energy efficiency. Along with that, their home is beautiful, it was easy to build, and it is low maintenance – maintenance can be a concern with a traditional log home.
This is from Michael himself:
“Over this past weekend, we stopped in for breakfast at a local eatery and ended up sitting next to some nice folks from not too far away from Timber Block Wisconsin. The lady told us about her log home, professionally designed and built by local craftsmen “about eight or ten years ago.”  What was really surprising–though we frequently hear these stories–was her description of the amount of work that they had to do on their home last year (so, at the point that it would ha…ve been less than ten years old):  extensive chinking, caulking, and the replacement of several logs! While this is not an uncommon experience for the owners of log homes, something is seriously wrong when you find yourself having to replace substantial sections of your exterior walls . . . at any point in time. Timber Block’s exclusive technology avoids all of this . . . no chinking, no caulking, no backer rods or specialty repair products.  Just a periodic staining of the exterior surfaces (five years is a good rule of thumb, though the condition of the stain itself is the best indicator). And, Timber Block accomplishes all of this, along with an incredible level of energy efficiency.”
Michael Boomgarden does his research. He knows his stats, and compares and watches the energy efficiency of his home all the time. If you are interested in building your dream home, Michael is the perfect person to talk with. Head to www.timberblockwisconsin.com to find out more about the Boomgarden’s, and to contact Michael directly! You can talk with Michael about the overall difference between a Timber Block insulated log home and a traditional log home.
For general information about Timber Block, call 866-929-5647 or email info@timberblock.com.
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