We often hear people ask us, “Why is it so important that my logs are insulated?” Well an insulated log from Timber Block achieves R30 insulation, while a traditional log (depending on its size) can be as low as R5. Current building codes can be as high as R20 making it difficult for traditional log homes to meet the 2009 building codes. Building codes in 2012 could go as high as R24 in walls.

Thermal Mass in a log home? I bet this has you confused… Well, lets stop the confusion. Currently, in the 2009 ICC building codes, there is no benefit for Thermal Mass. Why? Many reasons, but likely since it is related to the weather. Thermal Mass is great in Spring and Fall when the weather fluctuates. In the Winter and Summer, the benefit is near negligible. If you have questions on Thermal Mass, let us know. We will certainly post more later and will have an industry expert discuss this further.

Also, with the lighter weight logs, this is good for the environment, as this results in less carbon consumed in the production, and preserves natural resources.

And finally, because of the insulation, your logs are able to be dried to an 8 % moisture content, which is furniture grade, eliminating the risk of settling or checking, which is the number one concern with traditional log homeowners. In the end, it simply makes sense. Our insulation is in the middle – you don’t see it. So, your home will have the look you’ve always dreamed of, but you will never have to chink, your logs won’t crack, your home won’t settle and warp, bugs and mold will never get into your home, and you can be in your home in days, rather than months or years.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are always available to make sure you understand the importance and the difference our R30 insulated log homes can make.