Lovers of log homes will all agree: there is nothing more beautiful, more comfortable, more appealing than a log home. People who decide to build their dream log home have likely wanted to do so for a long time, have done their research, poured over photos, attended log home shows, called several log home manufacturers – the list goes on and on.

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Timber Block builds wood homes. We have 4 different series of homes for those who love the look and feel of wood, want an energy efficient home, a home that they can move into faster, and care about building green.


For log home lovers and love traditional log homes, we have our Classic Series. Our Classic Series look like traditional log homes, but are built with our revolutionary technology that allows the home owner to live in a highly energy efficient home, and never to worry about the maintenance of traditional log homes.

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Here are a few key points when comparing Timber Block Homes and traditional log homes:

Traditional Log Homes: logs are stacked on top of each other, on-site


Timber Block Homes: shipped in panels, no worry about wide load costs, flat stacked, shipped efficiently

Traditional Log Homes: customizable, installs in months

Timber Block Homes: customizable, installs in days, wood is pre-finished


Traditional Log Homes: Wall Insulation: R-8

Timber Block Homes: Wall Insulation: R-30 (R-36 now available!)

Traditional Log Homes: on-site quality

Timber Block Homes: factory quality

In addition, we mentioned the maintenance. Typically, many people looking to build a log home will have a bit of a concern with the maintenance. Traditionally built log homes do have plenty of maintenance associated with them. For example, they will settle. And they will check – resulting in things like checking, which can be time consuming and costly.


Timber Block homes will not settle or check. Our wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content, eliminating the risk of settling or checking.


As far as staining, when building with wood, you will always have to stain. Timber Block homes are pre-stained in the factory, which gets you off to a good start! It’s likely you will want to re-stain about 6 months after your home is built, and likely every 5 years after that. (Talk to a Timber Block pro for more information, to get a better idea).


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