We are a couple of weeks away from the most romantic day of the year. What are your plans? If you’re planning on staying home (and why not? You live in your dream home! There’s no reason to leave!) we have a few tips on how you can “romanticize” your home and have a perfect night in.

There are things you can do to create romantic spaces in your home.  Have you ever wondered why the mainstream color of Valentine’s Day is red? Likely it’s because the heart is also the symbol of Valentine’s Day, and typically, when we draw a heart, we color it red. But red is also a very romantic color! Now, we aren’t saying to run out and buy a brand new red couch, or frantically start painting the walls red, but putting out a couple of red pillows, red roses, or other red fabrics. (It’s okay, you can go out and purchase your own red roses the day before or the day of Valentine’s if your spouse is typically not one to purchase roses, or other flowers on Valentine’s Day).

More about romantic colors: Yes, red is likely the more popular choice, but dark pink, purples and plums can also very much set the mood.

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Here’s another tip on how to make sure this Valentine’s Day will be one to never forget. Think about what the word “romance” means to you and your partner. Better yet, think about a special occasion that meant a lot to both of you – if that was something that happened several years ago, or several weeks ago. Maybe it was somewhere you went together, a trip, or a special place you visited. Or maybe that was the day you started your floor plan for your dream home! Whatever it may be, dig out those memories. Spend the next day searching through pictures of that event, and create a photo album, or if it’s your floor plan, go out and frame it. Whatever it may be,  strategically place it in your home right before your romantic night, and voila! All those memories of your most special moments are brought right back.

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And of course, candles and a beautiful dinner will be wonderful final touches for your Valentine’s night in. Stay tuned! The perfect Valentine’s dinner menu is coming up tomorrow on the Timber Block blog!

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