In this day and age, the internet is pretty much the go-to place for almost everyone to find out anything they need to find out. With so many websites, blogs, forums, social media sites, and more, people certainly turn to the “net” to gather as much information as they can on pretty much anything.

For people looking to build a new home, the internet will be the place almost everyone will go to at some point during their decision making process. It’s also a great way to get first hand tips, info, and testimonials! contains this blog, because we want to make sure people have a way to look up certain topics they want to know about, and quickly. We do this by answering questions that come straight from our customers, and turning them into a blog. If there is something you’d like us to cover, please let us know, and we’d be happy to write about it! We are dedicated to making sure you have as much information as you need during this very important process you are undertaking!

This is why blogging and speaking on forums, and creating discussions is very important. We also pride ourselves on being very open and honest, with all types of consumers, and fellow log home companies.

Here are some Timber Block facts:

* We are completely customizable:

We have dozens of different floor plans, in four different series to appeal to different preferences. We have many customers that have built straight from these floor plans, but in reality, almost everyone has customized their floor plan in some way.

Denver Model - Classic Series

Dakota Model - Classic Series

Newberry Model - Ranch Series

Pasadena Model - Contemporary Series

Providence Model - Vintage Series

We also have customers that build from a completely custom design….

* Timber Block homes are highly energy efficient. R-30 is standard in each and every Timber Block home.

* Timber Block homes will not settle or check.
Our wood is dried to an 8 percent moisture content, This, combined with our assembly design eliminates the risk of settling and checking which is associated with most traditional log homes.

* Timber Block homes are up in hours.
Once the walls of the Timber Block home are delivered to the build site, the wall raising will happen in just a few hours…this results in less build time on-site, and less waste. Timber Block homes are typically dried in 10 days after that.

Here are some testimonials….straight from Timber Block customers.

In relation to being low maintenance…

“I found not a single hint of anyone who had experienced any maintenance issues with a Timber Block home. Zero…zilch…nada. Beyond that–and you may not be aware of this–Timber Block’s components have repeatedly been subjected to accelerated wear conditions in laboratory conditions, where the scientific results have validated their claims and the experiences of hundreds of homeowners. Notably, they also back up their homes with a lifetime warranty.”

About the structure….

“I ended up building a Timber Block home after spending an extended period of time examining all of the options in the marketplace. I’m among those who feel that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every potential buyer. But, Timber Block’s system is awfully impressive–energy efficient and structurally stout. So much so that my builder–a guy who owns a sizable company and has the ability to construct everything from SIPs to stacked logs to ICF to whatever–proclaimed it “rock solid.””

About the construction….

“Our dream is to have a secondary home in the country is finally a reality! We appreciated the speed of construction, the technician’s help at the wall raising, and the quality of material provided. You answered every question we had quickly, which was greatly appreciated. The (floor) plans were made according to our needs, resulting in making our family gatherings more enjoyable. Thank you to your entire team.”

About the service….

“We received so much support from our Timber Block sales person throughout the entire process, from the purchase right through the construction of the home.”

“We picked Timber Block as the company to build our dream home. We are retired and wanted our last home to be warm, and in the countryside. Mission accomplished! Our son is a builder, and he was very impressed with how quick the walls of the structure went up. It was easy too, which was a big relief. We had to call you a few times for advice, and spoke with both our (Timber Block) designer and technician. Both were very helpful, and we now live in our dream home. Thank you all very much. We have nothing but nice things to say about Timber Block.”

and just in general….

“For me, looking at a home that will be part of our family’s life well into my retirement and for many generations beyond, the answer was clear–the was simply no other log home that offered the same combination of quality, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and beauty that I found in Timber Block’s homes.”

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