Have you decided you are ready to start the process of building a new home? If you are planning on building a log home, you have probably noticed you have many options. Having options is always a good thing, but sometimes it’s easy to get confused. So, who are Timber Block’s customers? The following is a snapshot of what is important to a Timber Block customer.

1. They want an absolutely gorgeous log home!

2. They aren’t interested in having a ton of maintenance….they want the beauty of a log home, but they don’t want to bother with typical log home maintenance, such as chinking, caulking, worry about settling, checking, insects, etc. The lower the maintenance, the happier they are. Timber Block Insulated Log Homes have little to no maintenance. (You will have to re-stain your log home every 5 years or so, however. When building any home with wood, there will be re-staining involved)

3. Energy Efficiency is important to them. Timber Block is called the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home for a reason. Timber Block homes has close to 50 percent more insulation than a stick built or standard home, and close to 400 percent more insulation than a traditional log home! Our customers who are now living in their new home can’t stop talking about how warm and cozy their log home is, and how much lower their bills are! In fact, one of our homes built up north in Quebec, Canada was featured in Energy Efficient Homes Magazine. The homeowner had talked about just how low his heatings bills are, even in the coldest of winter days. If you would like a copy of that article, just send us a comment to this blog, and we’d be happy to send it your way)

4. Green building is a must. Many Timber Block homeowners knew they wanted to Build Green right from the moment they decided they were going to build a new home. When our homes are built, only 40 percent of the wood is used to build the home, with the remaining 60 percent used to manufacture other components. The result? Less waste. Also, with a tight thermal envelope combined with R-30 insulation, the result is a highly energy efficient home. As well, a low VOC sealant is applied to each log. This allows moisture to escape from the log, while protecting the exterior from bad weather. And finally, our injection procedure has Zero ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances), which means we help keep our environment clean!

5. Efficient and a quicker build time is desired. The walls of a Timber Block Stacked Log Home go up in hours, as opposed to several weeks, or even months. Timber Block’s system uses genuine stacked construction, which provides strength and quality, and also greatly reduces the build time at the site. The interior and exterior walls are pre finished in our factory, not on-site.

If these things are important to you, you very well may be a future Timber Block homeowner! To find out more, you can always email us at info@timberblock.com, or call us at 866-929-5647. For floor plans, photos and more, visit us at www.timberblock.com, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, see us on Pinterest, or check out our company page on LinkedIn.