The bathroom…

Everyone loves having a gorgeous bathroom! When planning the floor plan of your future dream home, the number of baths, the master bath, the size and layout all have to be considered.

At Timber Block, our architects will work closely with you to ensure your end result is exactly how you pictured it when thinking about your new home.

Here are a few bathrooms from Timber Block homes for you to take a look at to give you some ideas…

As you can see, all of these bathrooms are very different from each other. This is just another benefit of building a Timber Block Ecological Home. We can customize our homes a little – or a lot! Some of these baths come from one of our stock plans, some have been modified slightly, and some are completely custom built.

You will also notice, some of these baths are more “traditional”…with a traditional log home look. Some, however, are completely modern and more contemporary. The options are endless with Timber Block! We build to suit YOU!

All of these homes do have a few things in common, even though they do look very different from each other. Every single Timber Block home has R-30 wall insulation, meaning they are all highly energy efficient! They all built much faster than many stick-built homes, and especially traditional log homes. As well, every single one is of the highest of quality. Oh, and one more thing – all of these homes are absolutely loved and cherished by their owners!

To learn more about Timber Block – if you have questions, inquiries, or simply want to talk to one of our pros, email us anytime at, or call 866-929-5647.

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