So, you love Timber Block homes. You’re here on our website, and you’ve likely surfed through the photos, the floor plans, and even dug a little deeper and learned about our long history of building beautiful, high quality homes.

It’s likely you care about the energy efficiency of your  home, and the environment as well. Timber Block homes have R-30 to R-36 wall insulation. This, together with a tight thermal envelope, ensures a very highly energy efficient home. This is very important especially here in Canada, where the winters get cold and the summers hot. You’ll be impressed on just how much you can save when you build a highly energy efficient home!

Milano Model - Exterior

Milano Model – Exterior

Okay, so the question every single person has for us, is how much does a Timber Block home cost? Of course you need to know! So, here’s how it’s explained, and the considerations you have to take in in order to figure out the Timber Block home cost.

First, you need land. If you have purchased your land already, you may have already factored that in when figuring out the Timber Block home cost.


Here are the other factors: What is the building cost where you are building? This differs from province to province, towns, and cities. One area may be close to 100 dollars per square foot, others may be more like 250 dollars per square foot.

Also, what’s going into your home? Are you sticking to the basics? Or are you going all out with granite, high end flooring, lighting and other interior factors.

In addition – what’s the square footage of your home? Certainly, a 1000 square foot home is going to be built for a different price than a house that’s 5000 square feet.


Sometimes, we get this question: “How much does a Timber Block Home cost?” As you can see, it’s a difficult answer without knowing a little more. The best option to figure out how much your Timber Block cost will be is to call us! You can also send us an email at

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