Really, is there anything more comfortable, warm, inviting and beautiful than a wood home?

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A wood home brings so much “hominess” to a home – making your house not a place to just live, but a place to call home – forever.

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Why a Wood Home?

Wood is naturally more insulating than other properties, like concrete. And with Timber Block’s use of engineered wood, we take that to the next level: allowing our wood homes to have R-30 to R-36 wall insulation.

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Durability: Simply put, wood is more durable. Our homes are  top quality, and last for as long as you will live in your dream home.


Wood is relaxing: This is actually a proven fact! When you live in a wood home, you will enjoy the relaxing benefits for a lifetime!


A Wood home is ecological: Not to mention, Timber Block’s patented system building system allows our homes to be more ecological and energy efficient than ever! In fact, our homes include R-30 to R-36 wall insulation. This, plus a tight thermal envelope, ensures a highly energy efficient home.

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Wood, is soothing: There is just something about it. A true wood home has a warm feeling, from the smells, to the feel of it, a wood home is exactly the place you want to come home to after a hard day at work.


Wood is beautiful: This is an easy one. While we boast high energy efficiency, ecological, green technology, a faster, more quality build, our home owners have beauty at the top of their list. We are proud to say: each and every home we have built is absolutely beautiful.


Timber Block partners with Nordic Engineered Wood.

Timber Block and Nordic Engineered Wood have the same values and a strong belief of green building.  Nordic has always been responsible for reforestation and the stewardship of over 2 million acres of vital forestland. It utilizes a proprietary process, ensuring the highest usage of wood fiber.

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