For those searching for their ideal future home, we know how important it is to have plenty of information. Besides the search for land, a builder, and the many other things you have to think about, the absolute best part is searching for photos of homes, both interior and exterior. Even better? Choosing a floor plan! Yes, at times, it may be overwhelming because the sky is the limit on designs, but overall – it is so fun, rewarding, and exciting to be able to choose the floor plan that’s right for you and your family!

Also, you are a log home lover. Most log home lovers have dreamed about building their own log home for a LONG time! So today, we decided to give you a head start – a good place to begin, with many wonderful design and floor plan ideas.

The following are our most popular models. The following plans have been built by several Timber Block home owners. Many have built exactly as the plans show, but many have also started with the plan, then customized to their liking (One of the many benefits of Timber Block – you can customize any of our plans, or you can build straight from the ideas in your own head!)

The top three floor plans in our Classic Series are: The Denver, The Dakota, and the St. Bernard (not necessarily in that order – we have built several of all three of these!)

Here is the Denver:

Here is version 1 of the Denver:

And another version of the Denver:

Another true favorite is the Dakota:

Here is version one of the Dakota:

And another version of the Dakota:

People also absolutely adore the St. Bernard:

The St. Bernard, Version 1:

And another version:

Timber Block has many versions of each of our floor plans. Plus, we have several other models in our Classic Series, and many more in our other series: Ranch, Vintage and Contemporary. Head to our home page, choose the series of your choice, and you are off and running!

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