If you are at the point of thinking about or sketching out a floor plan for your future home, you may be in a state of confusion – you may not know where to start, or how to go about it. It’s likely you know a lot about what you want (number of bedrooms, bathroom, attached garage, basement, etc) but you may not know how to put it all together.

At Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, we have many stock models for you to look at. We offer models in 4 different series to ensure we can give you a good idea of the style of home you are looking for. With the stock models, we offer floor plans – and in many cases, more than one version of that model.

For example…this is the Dakota Model – found in Timber Block’s Classic Series.

Dakota Model

Here is the floor plan:

Dakota Floor Plan - Version 1

And here are the different versions of the Dakota Floor Plan:

Our other Series include: Ranch, Vintage and Contemporary:

This is the Newton I in our Ranch Series:

And from our Vintage Series, this is the Charleston:

This is the Sonoma, found in our Contemporary Series:

To see all of our floor plans, head to our main website (www.timberblock.com), click on the series you want to go into, find models, and you will be able to sign up to see any and all of our floor plans available.

Now, you may have your own floor plan – either drawn up yourself, or in your head. At Timber Block, we have several architects on staff that will be able to take your floor plan, or ideas, and create the floor plan of your dreams. To get started on your floor plan drawings, there will be a $3,000 deposit (which will go towards the final price of your home). Changes to your floor plans drawings will be no charge. So, we are happy to be able to give you dozens of floor plan options for you to look at, but are certainly able to either modify one of our floor plans, or create an entirely custom floor plan – just for you!

For more information, call us at 866-929-5647 or email us at info@timberblock.com.

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