As anyone who has built their own home knows, the time is takes to build is extremely important. For many reasons: Time is money! It makes sense, the longer it takes to build a home, the more it costs. Crews are on-site longer, equipment is in operation longer, and personal time counts too. Not to mention, everyone wants to get into the home they’ve planned so carefully as soon as possible.

So, it’s clear efficient installation is a major factor when building a new home.

Timber Block is the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home. One of the big reasons for our success, and why people love building a Timber Block home is because the installation is incredibly efficient. Our Timber Block log home owners have literally watch their new home go up in hours, not weeks or months!

Take a look at this….

Builders everywhere who we have met with have all agreed, Timber Block’s product is the future of building. They love both the quality of control and efficient building are very desirable.

“Timber Block homes are the highest quality, so how is it possible to maintain a high quality product and quick building”?

The answer is simple! Timber Block’s panelized system reduced the time required at the build site, because the interior and exterior walls are pre-finished in our factory. They are insulated, stained, and stacked right at the factory, not only saving time on-site, but also protecting the logs from weather! As well, because the logs are stacked and thru-bolted in our quality controlled environment, we make sure your walls are completely straight and level!

Here’s an example of a Timber Block home being constructed. This is a time lapse of a complete wall raising…

At Timber Block, we want to make sure you have as much knowledge as possible when making the important decision of building your very own log home. Feel free to contact us to ask any question you may have at 1-866-929-5647! To see a Timber Block Insulated Log Home in person, please call to find out the closest location to you. Or you can visit us at our newest show home in Western North Carolina!

We also are attending many shows this season as well – join us on facebook for a list of January events. If you want to see our floor plans, head to, follow us on twitter, or see us on Pinterest!