Frequently Asked Questions


Typically yes; and certainly far less than one with an equivalent R-30 insulation level. The biggest savings come from the reduced labor and shipping costs. Timber Block homes are often dried-in in less than one week and require 1/3 less trucks to transport.

Timber Block uses Eastern White Pine timber, dried to 8% humidity and high-pressure closed-cell polyurethane insulation. The result: A revolutionary R-30 insulated log home. Each log is precision made, stacked and double bonded at factory.

We utilize only 40% of the log for the exterior walls, saving an average of approximately 30 trees per home. The insulation used on all Timber Block homes releases no Ozone-Depleting Substances to harm the environment, and low-emission VOC stains are used for the finishing of the walls.

Because our system is factory built, there is less on-site waste and we are able to recycle materials directly at our facility.

Based on our structural injection process, our walls achieve an R-30 insulation rating, and our roofs, R-40. The average insulation of a traditional log home is R8 to R11. Typically, a standard house is built with R-19 walls and an R-30 roof. Some state codes can enforce ratings as high as R-20 for new home construction.

Yes. Our walls are delivered pre-assembled, and a skillful, savvy renovator with help from a few colleagues can install them in a matter of a couple of weeks. However, we do recommend that a qualified construction worker be part of the group.

All materials needed for building the framework, the exterior walls (entirely assembled inside and out), the complete roof materials, ceiling materials, loft (or second floor), the doors and exterior windows, and many other components. We suggest you refer to the list of models available from your local dealer for additional information or ask us for further information.

Of course. Our business has succeeded due to our custom designs. Our team of architects is ready to assist you in bringing your project to life. Also, if you’d like to modify one of our existing plans to meet your needs, we can create a semi-custom plan for you.

Factory-made materials are covered by a 5-year warranty. Manufacturers’ original warranties vary up to 20 years. Please contact your local dealership for full warranty information.

Generally, 10 weeks after receipt of a sales order with a down payment. Please contact us for current delivery lead times, as seasonality affects lead times.

No, installation of our products will be very simple for a qualified homebuilding contractor. In fact, most general contractors can easily build a Timber Block home. Please have your General Contractor contact us for more information or if you don’t have one, contact us, and we can put you in touch with a General Contractor in your area.

Electrical installation is done in the usual manner for all interior divisions. For exterior walls, the homeowner chooses the location of the electrical outlets and the walls are pre-drilled on installation day. This operation takes only a few minutes. Switch wiring is installed close to the doors behind the frames. We can also supply matching framing units for the electrical panels to create a nice uniform look.

Yes. Our Flat-Pack shipping method allows for a standard 3000 square foot home to ship on one truck! Most traditional log home companies would require three trucks for the same house. We can deliver to anywhere in the world as well. Please ask your dealer about long-distance delivery terms.

Once the pre-finished walls are installed we recommend one additional exterior coat of stain once your home is built. Maintenance of the factory-applied staining, and subsequent recommended applications are easy. We recommend applying a coat, as needed and based on your particular climate. Applications can be done very quickly (it takes about one weekend), requires a quick cleaning and usually no sanding.

No, Timber Block pre-stacks the logs to form a log panel; the panels arrive at the building site complete with the window and door openings pre-cut. Log stacking done at the factory ensures the logs are straight, level and pre-finished.

The wall panels can be set in one day for most homes! Plan approximately another half-day for roof trusses. This ease of build of this panelized system will save time and money during construction.

We send factory-trained personnel to supervise the home assembly or wall-raising. For most homes this takes one day after the floor system has been completed. We have a highly detailed construction guide as well as very detailed technical drawings of your home. Your project manager, based in our office, will be there for any help or questions as required prior and throughout the planning process as well as during the building of your Timber Block home.

Plumbing and HVAC is done the same as in a traditional home construction: in the partition walls.

All our sales offices are open.