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  • Timber Block Spotlight: The Milano
    Source: Timber Block – EnglishPublished on 2021-01-29
  • Timber Block Spotlight: The Panorama
    The Panorama gets all the attention today as part of our "Top Homes" week. We asked our followers via Facebook and Instagram to choose which home they would like to have featured. We had more than a few people request: The Panorama.  ... read more
    Source: Timber Block – EnglishPublished on 2021-01-28
  • Timber Block Spotlight: The Contemporary Sun Lakes Model
    We couldn't be more excited to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite homes from our Contemporary Series: The Sun Lakes. This home is absolutely stunning, inside and out.. See below for photos of this Sun Lakes, and Timber Block’s original Sun Lakes stock ... read more
    Source: Timber Block – EnglishPublished on 2021-01-26
  • The Dakota: Your Full Virtual Walkthrough!
    If you haven't had the chance to virtually walk through our Dakota yet, now is the time! Simply click below and enjoy a virtual tour of one of our top models.  ... read more
    Source: Timber Block – EnglishPublished on 2021-01-22
  • Watch an Eastman Wall Installation! (PHOTOS and VIDEOS)
    Wall raising day. There's nothing quite like it....not only for the homeowners, but for all of us as well (we never get tired of watching dream homes being built!) Earlier this week, we watched as the walls of a modified Eastman were installed on a ... read more
    Source: Timber Block – EnglishPublished on 2021-01-21

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Timber Block Advantages

R-30/R-36 Insulation

R-30 / R-36 Insulation

R-30 is the standard wall insulation in a Timber Block home, far exceeding today’s building codes and feature a proprietary insulation co-developed with BASF. To further maintain our stance as energy efficiency leader within the log home industry, Timber Block is proud to announce the introduction of the new, patented R-36 wall!

Genuine Stacked Wood Construction

A Unique Panelized System

A unique advancement of a SIP (structural insulated panel) which reduces on-site construction time and provides a continuous ‘nail free’ bond from exterior to interior. Each Timber Home features R-30 or R-36 (upgrade) insulation.

Build Anywhere

Build Anywhere

Timber Block homes can be built virtually anywhere and are engineered to the site in which the home will be built upon. Timber Block’s partners ensure that the home is built to exceed local codes.

Assembles in Hours

Assembles in Hours

Timber Block’s building system allows for walls to be assembled in a controlled environment which allows for quality control and a reduction in on-site job hours. With a faster build time, a solid wall system and pre- finished siding, the chance of the elements affecting the materials are greatly reduced. Especially, when compared to traditional stick building.



Timber Block has many stock designs available to help you get an idea of what your dream home looks like. We have several architects on staff who can either modify any of our plans, or draw up your very own unique plan, created from your own ideas.



Environmentally friendly R-30 insulation featuring recycled materials and less waste, combined with a tight thermal envelope ensures low energy consumption. Factory recycling, fewer thermal bridges and reduced air infiltration all combine to benefit the environment.

Concierge Service

Concierge Service

Building a new custom home can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. Our Custom Home Construction Concierge Service will customize our services to your individual needs.


15 Year Warranty

Rewriting the book…again!
Continued advancements in processes and formulation have enabled us to produce finishes that protect your home up to 15 years!

The Holmes Inspection Plan

The Mike Holmes Inspection Program is integrated into every manufactured Timber Block home. This is another game-changer for the housing industry as it signifies the level of quality in each and every Timber Block home constructed, regardless of size, style, location and more.
Timber Block Plan Book

Why TimberBlock?

Because what you see is beautiful… and what you don’t see is spectacular.

Timber Block’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential construction. We provide homeowners with state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible technology while using cost-effective building methods. Working with stock or custom plans, the team at Timber Block collaborates with you, maximizing your vision and investment, to make your dream home a reality.

Custom Home Construction Concierge Service

Building a new custom home can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. The Timber Block Team understands this. As a result, we now offer our Custom Home Construction Concierge Service to each and every client.


Expert Services

Experts who customize their services to your individual needs.


Custom homes are our specialty

We specialize in custom homes, therefore, we recognize each project is truly unique.


Expert Guidance

Our experts are at your disposal to help and guide you so you can make the best investment for you and your family. We can do this together.

Custom Construction Concierge Service
Custom Concierge Services

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